The grid option for the Property Explorer, a public-facing and highly filterable list of available properties.

The map option for the Property Explorer, filtered to only display properties within a user-specified distance from a specific address.

The "Explore Nearby Locations" modal map feature for each property, allowing users to search for nearby places of interest on a map.

A few properties on an owner's Portfolio page, with general information, ratings summaries, and staff management options.

The weather component for each property, with options to view the current weather or a 3-day forecast, and options for Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Atlantis Property Company

Atlantis Property Company is a Salesforce application created in a four-person team during a Smoothstack apprenticeship program. Over a roughly five-month development period, we created and managed a Salesforce developer organization that would simulate the management of properties in Atlanta, Georgia.

My responsibilities were primarily centered around the properties themselves. This began with the creation of the necessary objects, fields, and records for these properties, and then expanded into creating Apex classes and Lightning Web Components to integrate the properties into a community experience site with portals for tenants, property owners, staff, and administrators.

Some highlights of my work on this project include:

• A public-facing property explorer to view all currently available properties, with two viewing options: a tiled grid, or a Google map. These properties could be filtered through a variety of parameters, including limiting to properties a chosen distance from either an inputted address or the user’s current location.
Google Maps and Places API integrations to geolocate properties for use in maps and other location-based services.
• An Explore Nearby Locations feature, wherein users can find nearby points of interest to a given property and have them be displayed on a map, including restaurants, airports, gyms, and more.
Portfolio pages for property owners to view their properties, including general information, charts, ratings, and staff assignments.
Weather API integration to display local, up-to-date weather data near a property.

Salesforce Administrator, Developer