The core select screen, featuring the game's 24 equippable cores

Using cores to solve puzzles and bypass hazards to collect rewards

Using cores to defeat enemies guarding key collectibles

Core Mechanic

Core Mechanic is a 2D action/puzzle platformer designed and coded entirely by myself. In this game, you play as a robot that can be equipped with various “cores”, which are fittingly Core Mechanic’s core mechanic.

In this completed proof-of-concept, there are 24 cores for the player to choose from. There are 12 “passive cores” that grant the robot new abilities, stat upgrades, and equipment, and 12 “active cores” that let the robot perform certain actions such as weapon attacks or inverting their own gravity.

Core Mechanic started as the final project for a CS50 course, but quickly evolved into a personal passion project that I worked on over the course of a month. It was programmed entirely in Lua, using the LÖVE2D game framework.

Video Demonstration:

Art and audio assets were obtained via public domain and creative commons sources online. For a full list of credits, please view “credits.txt” in the primary folder of the game project, which is linked on this page. To play the game itself, install LÖVE2D and click the “playgame.bat” in the game’s project folder (or alternatively, drag the project folder onto the shortcut for the LÖVE application).

Creator, Designer, Programmer
October 2021