The Last Light


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For my final semester of Senior Game Production at Champlain College, I joined a previously-established team to work on survival horror game The Last Light.

Throughout the game, the player controls a young girl named Sophie, who has to travel through a dark, abandoned subway, being hunted by a deadly monster that can only travel through the dark, forcing her to use light in order to survive.

My Roles

Despite being added to the team in the latter half of its development, I was given complete charge of the game’s story. Writing the game’s narrative ended up shaping the game in very dramatic ways. I worked on the game’s entire story structure and script, and the narrative even shaped other major aspects of design, including the level design, the introduction of various mechanics, and even the addition of a new character.

In addition to the narrative, I also worked on various other tasks. Along with other designers on the team, I worked to design a concept for the monster that met our horror goals while remaining balanced and fun to play. I also played a part in the level design, cooperatively designing the game’s three levels to best work towards the goal of achieving a compelling horror atmosphere, while simultaneously making sure the levels properly guided the player, and giving players multiple options to deal with the monster.

Narrative Designer
Champlain College
Senior Game Production