The Root of the Problem

My Role:
Game Designer

Design Documentation:

Scott Beecher – Designer
Dan McLean – Programmer
Cory Brennan – Producer
Ian Sudol – Artist

For Capstone Game Development at Champlain College, I worked with three other team members to create The Root of the Problem.

It is a cooperative action game in which players fight sentient plants. This was my first team project where I was the sole Designer. I designed the level’s layout and pacing, as well as the various systems of combat, including weapons, enemies, and a climactic boss battle. I was also in charge of balancing and testing, leading Quality Assurance testing sessions, and making design changes accordingly.

The game was made in Unity with programming done in C#. While making design changes in Unity, I also wrote documentation for consolidating all design information for the other team members to reference.

The design process for The Root of the Problem lasted four months and was presented at the Capstone Senior Show for game development.

Champlain College
Fall 2015
Capstone Game Production