Pictured above is a win condition for the Red player, as they have formed a connection of red tokens from the left side to the right side.


My Role:
Game Designer

Design Document – https://goo.gl/PXw0sR
Game Flow – https://goo.gl/wCclRs
Proposal Outline – https://goo.gl/GKHiQ9

Scott Beecher – Designer
Matthew Nemiah – Designer
Hugues Ross – Programmer
Kyle Patterson – Producer
Matthew Thacker – Artist

For my Sophomore year game production class at Champlain College, I worked in a team of five designed a turn-based strategy game.

In the game, the players place tokens on a grid with the aim of making a connection from one side of the grid to the other. On a given turn, players have the option of either placing a token down into a column, or “crushing” a column to remove enemy tokens.

While the mechanics of the game are simple on the surface, there is an underlying layer of strategy that allows for many different tactics and styles of play, and this leads to a variety of unique experiences and situations.

Throughout the production process, I was able to co-design with my fellow designer, and by bouncing ideas back and forth, we came up with the game systems and mechanics. Then, we playtested the game multiple times and made various balance changes accordingly. Finally, we made documentation in order to communicate our ideas effectively.

Champlain College
Spring 2014
Game Production project